[VIDEO] Joe Biden Sings Happy Birthday… And Forgets The Birthday Girl’s Name

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Just another day in the life of Joe Biden as he gives a horrible rendition of the Happy Birthday song while forgetting the name of the birthday girl.

It happened during a Martin Luther King Jr celebration at the National Action Network when the president brought up the fact that Arndrea Waters, the daughter-in-law to MLK Jr, was celebrating her birthday on that day.

Not to miss an opportunity to show off his amazing singing skills, Biden then launched into an out-of-tune version of the birthday song and completely forgets the name Arndrea. The crowd seems to snicker, at that point, but is anyone really surprised that Joe Biden would make a mistake like this? Check out the video below:



It’s probably hard work being the President of the most powerful first-world country on Earth. Just imagine if you were living a day in the life of Joe Biden and you might have some sympathy for the guy who sometimes can’t remember the names of people he is honoring, what state he is currently in, the words of the Declaration of Independence, or even whether it’s him or Kamala who is the President.

The day probably begins with handlers waking you up, bright and early, at 11 am. You get some time to get ready and they explain what the agenda for the day is going to be. Obviously, if you can barely remember not to store classified documents next to your car in the garage, you should not be trusted with setting your own agenda.

There might be a pudding cup for breakfast and then you are taken to the first event of the day. It could be anything ranging from pandering to a group in order to get political donations to freeing the “Merchant of Death” in exchange for a lesbian basketball player who was caught smuggling a controlled substance into Russia. Who knows what magic awaits you each day?

You get up at the podium, during the first event, and mumble your way through a speech while you squint hard at the teleprompter. Your handlers are going to tell you that it is important that you read exactly what they have written for you because you are a gaff machine when you speak for yourself. At best, you mumble incoherently, and, at worst, you say blatantly racist things such as it being a storybook that the first mainstream Black man is clean and articulate. You don’t mind when other people call you unqualified, racist, or stupid because you know that you are the smartest person that you have ever met and… you know… the thing. What were we talking about?

For doing such a good job, and sticking to the words on the teleprompter, you might have earned yourself an additional pudding cup for being such a good boy. Your wife… what’s her name?… is going to be so proud.

It’s been a long day, so far, so maybe go back to the White House for a quick four hour nap and then it’s time for supper. Pudding! Oh boy! And tapioca this time!!

You hear your son is visiting, and it’s a good thing too. That guy still owes you part of the money he is getting in the shady over-seas business deals. You just hope he hasn’t left anymore laptops lying around that contain videos of him smoking crack or hooking up with prostitutes. Even more, you hope that he hasn’t ditched any more guns in the garbage cans near a high school or gotten kicked out of another strip club for smoking crack. It’s hard work being a father, but you know you have done a great job with raising this guy to be the best he can be.

After your brief family reunion, it’s time for your handlers to tell you all the mistakes, gaffes, and lies that you made today and they then give you a stern warning that you just need to stick to the script tomorrow. C’mon, man. Corn Pop was a bad dude. You ignore them because you are confident that you are the most popular president to have ever served in the entire history of the United States and everybody will love you no matter what.

Finally, your wife… Jill… that’s her name, tells you that it’s time for bedtime. It’s time to put on your pajamas and curl up in bed while you watch reruns of Perry Mason.  It’s been a long day and this rest is much deserved. It’s probably a hard life being Joe Biden.

Disclaimer: We have no actual knowledge of the daily life of Joe Biden, but we imagine, based on the daily interactions that are visible to the public, that they are similar to what is mentioned above.

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