[VIDEO]: This Is Just Bizarre, Crazy Anti-Trump Screamer, Liberals Keep Getting Stranger

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Sometimes you come across something, and there are just no words to describe what you are seeing. We’ll do our best:

A Lake Oswego Donald Trump rally was temporarily brought to a halt when an extremely pale, anti-Trump protester began screaming at the top of her lungs while holding her middle fingers above her head.

The crowd seemed momentarily puzzled as ear-piercing wails filled the air, but they quickly realized that the woman was a part of a protest movement, and began chanting, “USA! USA! USA!” right back.

The identity of the screamer is, as of right now, unknown. In fact, we are not entirely 100% certain that the anti-Trump protester is even a woman.

In any case, you can watch the event below, and while you do, ask yourself what you think she was hoping to accomplish by acting like this.


Screaming hysterically is nothing unusual for Leftist protesters, and we though we would take this opportunity to run through some of our favorites.

On January 20th, when it was announced that Donald Trump was the 45th President of the United States, this Liberal activist began screaming as if someone had just kicked her puppy.

Yet this Leftist insanity did not start with the election of Donald Trump.

We could go back even further to the Conservative forum at the University of Massachusetts in which Conservative comedian Steven Crowder was a member of.

A woman in the audience began having an absolute meltdown as she was screeching bumper sticker slogans rather than allowing someone with a differing opinion to speak.

The Democratic Party seemingly has a segment of its base who are childish, petulant, and unhinged when they don’t get their way.

While each of these protests, and the dozens more that have gone viral, may be entertaining, and worth a laugh, it is also alarming that the Democratic Party leadership is not attempting to control the extremist portion of their base, or to clamp down on the insanity.

Instead, Democratic Party leaders are community organizing, and calling on their voters to mobilize, and to take action against President Trump.


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Source: The Blaze

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