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[VIDEO] Liberal Lunacy: Protesters Call Man Wearing Jewish Flag A Nazi. Then They Tell A Black Trump Voter That All Trump Supporters Support Racism And Fascism

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The Left is reviving the ignorance that has arguably not been seen in America since the Salem witch trials of the 1600’s as community activists, out protesting the Nazis, literally ran a man wearing the Star of David around his neck and the Israeli flag on his back off of public property, all the while calling him a Nazi.

It happened at a Boston rally in which Leftists gathered, according to the Main Stream Media, to protest bigotry, fascism and hate.

However, the crowd quickly noticed that there were two individuals who were calmly, quietly and peacefully walking through their midst and the Left-wing activists sprang into action.

Like moths to a flame, a hoard of angry Leftists encircled one man who was wearing a Donald Trump campaign banner as a cape on his back while simply sipping a Pepsi.

The other man was wearing an Israeli flag on his back, along with a Star of David on a chain around his neck, and a red Make America Great Again hat.

Ignoring the evidence before them, that at least one of the two men supports the nation of Israel and is possibly Jewish, the crowd began calling the two men Nazis, gay-slurs and shouting for them to, “GO HOME!”

The same group that was marching to protest bigotry, violence and hate are the ones who, at their own rally, were the only ones exhibiting bigotry, violence and hate.

The violence, however, was seen briefly, early on in the video when the crowd pressed in close and one of the two men could be seen being jerked backwards as somebody apparently grabbed his cape and yanked him backwards. Another individual grabbed the Make America Great Again Hat off of the young man’s head and threw it away off-screen.

Throughout the entire video, people can be heard shouting, “No violence! No violence! No violence!”

It seems strange that the protesters, that the Drive By Media tells us is the side of peace and understanding, need a several minute long reminder that they should not be engaging in violence.

One man, who was there videotaping the event, loudly asked if anybody noticed that the man that the Left is calling a Nazi is literally wearing the Jewish flag of Israel and the Star of David.

A nearby Leftist heard the question, and explained,

“He’s carrying a Trump flag.” 

The Leftist was confronted,

“So basically, because he’s carrying a Trump flag, he’s a Nazi? I’m just trying to understand this.” 

The activist immediately went to Left’s talking points of calling the man a supporter of fascism, racism and extreme nationalism…

The cameraman quickly asks,

“How do you know? Did he say that?” 

The activist simply responds,

“He has a Trump flag…” 

In other words, these Leftists advocates against bigotry and promoters of peace are explaining that over 65 million Americans are all fascists, racists and extreme nationalists because they cast a vote for Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election.

The two videos below are taken by two cameramen who were near each other at certain points of this rally, and they each question the Leftists present to see how they can attack a man for being a Nazi when the only thing that man has done is worn an Israeli flag and peacefully walked through a crowd.

The first video is set to begin near the end of this exchange, while the second video begins four minutes prior to give you an idea of what went on.

Viewer discretion is advised on this video because these Leftist activists, who are supposedly only there to promote peace and understanding, use a lot of vulgar language and gay slurs to attack those who happen to have differing political viewpoints.

You probably did not realize that one fifth of the entire population of America was a member of the Nazi Party. If the Left were honest, that’s exactly what they are implying by accusing anyone who supports Trump to be a Nazi.

What’s probably even more ironic about this entire affair is that many of these Leftists who showed up to stand up against Fascism and Nazism in the United States are Democrats who supported Bernie Sanders, a self-avowed Socialist, and Hillary Clinton, who compared herself to the early 20th century Progressives.

During a 2007 presidential debate, Hillary Clinton was asked if she considered herself a Liberal. She responded, in part, by saying,

“I prefer the word ‘Progressive,’ which has a real American meaning, going back to the progressive era at the beginning of the 20th century.”

They may not realize this, but Nazi became a shortened form of referring to somebody who was a member of the National Socialist Party in Germany. They believed in Nationalism, which is a sort of feeling that their country was superior to all others. However, what really tipped them over the edge was the Socialism aspect when the government began taking over major pieces of the German economy such as the automobile industry, health care and took away the right to own guns. The government determined who was allowed to live and who died, and then the Nazis decided that they should not just have total control over Germany, but of the rest of the world as well.

Between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, and using a little bit of common sense, which one has leaders that took over the auto industry, the health care industry, and thinks that firearms in America should be heavily restricted from “common-sense” gun control laws that are good for the collective? Is it the Republicans or the Democrats who are trying to breath life back into eugenics (deciding who lives and who dies) and are champions for abortions (deciding who lives and who dies)?

In addition, and the reason why we bring up Hillary defining herself as an early 20th century Progressive, Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Party’s chief propaganda strategist, is known to have learned what he did about fooling the masses by studying early 20th century Progressive, Edward Bernays.

Not to mention that the idea of eugenics, of creating a superior race by weeding out the “undesirables,” began not with the Nazis, but with the early 20th century Progressives. Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, for example, was a firm believer in eugenics and, coincidentally, an early 20th century Progressive. The Nazis literally learned what they knew from studying the group of people that Hillary Clinton once said that she identified with.


In addition, Adolf Hitler said that his inspiration for the German concentration camps began by studying the Native American Indian reservations. Which American president is known for the Trail of Tears and forcing tens of thousands of Indians into reservations? That would be going back a little further in history to the first Democratic Party president, Andrew Jackson.

From the Trail of Tears, to fighting a Civil War to keep slavery, to creating the Ku Klux Klan, to establishing Jim Crow Laws, to inspiring the Nazis, to the Japanese internment camps, and to fighting the Civil Rights movement, the Democratic Party, the Progressives and the Liberals have each helped to add a dash of bigotry, racism, intolerance, violence and fascism into American history.

The irony is that these are the people that the Main Stream Media would have you believe are, and always have been, the promoters of peace and equality in this nation.

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Clinton Quote Source: CNN Town Hall Transcript


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