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[VIDEO] The One And Only Chuck Norris Named Honorary Texan

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Chuck Norris, the tough-guy actor and subject of hundreds of memes chronicling the impossible feats that he has done, including counting to infinity… twice, has been named an honorary Texan.

The Texas State Legislature has passed Senate Resolution NO. 569, a bill that was meant to honor and congratulate the star of Walker, Texas Ranger for his military career, his acting career, and his philanthropic efforts.

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The text of the bill reads:

WHEREAS, The Senate of the State of Texas is pleased to honor
Chuck Norris for his many contributions to our state and nation; and…

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WHEREAS, Chuck Norris is one of the most recognized men in
the nation because of the long and illustrious career he has
built in the fields of martial arts, film and television, and
philanthropy; and…

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WHEREAS, His interest in the martial arts began while he
was serving in Korea with the United States Air Force; after his
military service, he opened a chain of karate studios and
competed in numerous martial arts tournaments; he won the first
of multiple world middleweight karate championships in 1968 and
successfully defended his title another five times; and…

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WHEREAS, He was encouraged by one of his celebrity karate
students, Steve McQueen, to enter acting, and he brought his
martial arts skills to the big screen to great acclaim; his
iconic fight scene with Bruce Lee in Way of the Dragon launched
his career as one of the world ’s leading action film stars; he
went on to appear in such hit films as Breaker! Breaker!, Missing
in Action, and Code of Silence before beginning work on the hit
television series, Walker, Texas Ranger, which ran for eight
seasons; and…

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WHEREAS, Mr. Norris has throughout his career been
involved in numerous philanthropic efforts, including the
Make-A-Wish Foundation and the United Way; in 1992, he founded
Kickstart Kids, a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching
children character through karate training in public schools; he
is also a committed entrepreneur who has established a bottled
water company, CForce, at an artesian aquifer source on his Lone
Wolf Ranch in Grimes County; now, therefore, be it…

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RESOLVED, That the Senate of the State of Texas, 85th
Legislature, hereby commend Chuck Norris on his many
achievements and extend to him best wishes.

According to the Austin Statesman, Norris was honored by the Texas Senate by presenting him with a flag that had flown over the Alamo as well as a Senate gavel that had been used to pass the resolution.

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Disclaimer: We are aware that the memes about Chuck Norris are not true, and are for entertainment purposes only.


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