[VIDEO] After Pelosi Calls Border Wall “Immoral” And A “Sign Of Weakness” These Border Area Ranchers Respond

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Pelosi V The Law

Ranchers are firing back against Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for her remarks about building a border wall along the southern border.

Although every other industrialized nation in the world has a border wall of some sort, and works to secure that border, Pelosi accused such a border enforcement measure in the United States of being immoral, expensive, and unwise.

During an appearance on Meet the Press, she said,

“What is wrong with that scenario is the wall. He talks about how tall it is, who will pay for it, and all of the rest of that. You have to understand this part of the country there is a community with a border going through it.

The president, I think, talking about this wall, is expressing a sign of weakness. He is saying I can’t control our borders, I have to build a wall. We would certainly like to — we have a responsibility to control our borders but building a wall is not an answer. Not here or anyplace.”

Those remarks did not sit well with many people, and specifically with two Arizona ranchers, John Ladd and Fred Davis, who operate ranches near areas where the proposed border wall is going to be running through.

Davis explained that a border wall was needed because there are still areas that only have a four barbed-wire fence as the only barrier present, and illegal aliens are simply climbing through the wires to enter into the country.

Other areas merely have vehicle barriers, but are simple enough for an illegally crossing pedestrian to make it through without any strenuous effort.

Border Wall

Ladd pointed out that, over the last three decades, he had captured more than a half million illegal immigrants on his property, but since the inauguration of President Trump, the rate in which illegal aliens have found on his land has decreased by an estimate of 90-95%.

This reduction in illegal alien crossings is just further evidence that, by simply stating that he is going to enforce the law, Donald Trump is making a big difference in the securement of the nation’s border.

Think of it as the Trump administration has just put out a sign on America’s front lawn that says, “This property is monitored and protected by a home security system.”

Whereas the previous administration has spent much of their resources on aiding illegal aliens who have crossed into the United States illegally, Trump is demanding that they use the front door like every other law-abiding immigrant who has ever come to America.

Kermit Meme

Watch the two ranchers speaking on Fox and Friends below, and share this if you agree with what they say:



Source: Western Journalism

Source: Breitbart

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