[VIDEO] Phil Robertson Opens Up About How He Endures The Biden Administration

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Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson gave some sage advice on how anyone can survive the disaster that is the Biden presidency.

“Calm down and move forward.”

The message might seem simple on the surface, but the results of living by this philosophy can have a powerful impact on anyone’s life.

This clip is from the Blaze TV’s “In the Woods with Phil.”

No matter what side of the political aisle you fall on, there is a very good chance that you are looking at Joe Biden’s time in the Oval Office as a complete disaster. If you are on the Right, you are likely looking at Bidenflation, the disastrous Afghan pullout, the draining of the emergency oil reserves, and a slew of other issues as a downright travesty. Add to that his vice president’s obnoxious cackling whenever asked a difficult question and the administration feels unbearable.

But then you have the Left in the country who must feel absolutely embarrassed by their Commander in Chief. Say what you will about Barack Obama’s policies, the man knew how to take charge of a room and was charismatic enough to have the press wrapped around his fingers.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, never seems to know what is going on as he is reading teleprompter instructions , is shaking hands with thin air, is being lead around by the Easter Bunny, and cannot help himself from making enormous gaffes. The cheat sheets he is being given to handle questions are not helping and he is coming off as comically weak to world leaders.

Couple these views with the corruption that has come to light from Hunter Biden’s laptops and the Twitter file dumps and you have possibly one of the worst administrations in American history.

How does an American citizen, who is seeing the price of eggs double and triple during the Biden years, cope with what is going on? How does an American deal with the fact that the Biden administration passed an inflation reduction act that literally contributes to more inflation through the printing of more money?

The answer is in Phil Robertson’s message,

“Calm down and move forward.”

There will come a time when Joe Biden’s incoherent speeches and creepy sniffing of women is nothing but a distant memory. The corrupt foreign business deals where his son gets appointed to boards of companies in industries that he has no experience, based off his dad’s name, and then the funneling of money back to “the big guy” will no longer matter. Life will go on in America and we will have a chance to rebuild what the Left has destroyed. Biden’s inciteful rhetoric in which he labeled an entire half of the population that disagrees with him as being enemies of the State will quickly be lost in the annals of history.

No matter how dark and uncertain things might seem now, just keep repeating, “This too shall pass.”

Stay positive. Learn to laugh at the Left rather than get frustrated at the destruction they unleash.


Image Source: Screengrab from Blaze TV’s “In The Woods.”

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