[VIDEO] Piers Morgan Takes Down London Mayor On Terrorist Fighters Returning To London, “No seriously, where are they?”

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London Mayor Sadiq Khan had an embarrassing television experience as a guest on the morning show “Good Morning Britain,” when he went toe to toe with host Piers Morgan and co-host Susanna Reid.

The mayor was asked how many of the 400 terrorists, who have gone of to train and fight in the jihad taking place in Syria, had returned to London.

Khan responded by saying that they estimate that just over half of those 400 have returned.

Before the mayor could continue, Morgan jumped in to demand where the terrorists are, and whether or not the city was aware of their current locations.

Reid asked,

“How are you letting people back in to the U.K, who haven’t just been trained, but they’ve actually fought, potentially, against our own troops?

How are we letting them back in without knowing exactly where they are and what they’re up to?” 

She finished by pointing out that, of all the people that the authorities should be concerned about, those who have actually gone overseas to train and fight pose the biggest risk.

Mayor Sadiq, rather than explaining why his government is unable to say where the terrorists who have returned to London are, tried to suggest that the problem was a lack of financial resources. He then said,

 “…I can’t follow 400 people…” 

Morgan jumped in and demanded to know why Sadiq thinks he can’t keep track of these 400 potential terrorist threats.

“Why can’t you instruct the police… …and say, ‘Every one of those people that has come back from a war zone, and is in London, I want them followed.” 

Sadiq continued to maintain that the city simply did not have the funds to make such a request.

The London mayor made headlines during the 2016 American presidential election when made critical statements of Donald Trump’s campaign promises, and pledged that he would not visit the United States as long as Trump was the president.

Watch the clip below, and share this if you think London could do better for their mayor.



Source: The Daily Caller

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