[VIDEO] Sean Hannity: Time For Trump To Purge Obama Appointee Holdovers

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Fox News’ Sean Hannity is calling for President Trump to “purge” his administration of political appointees who are working to sabotage the Trump administration.

 “…Obama holdover government bureaucrats who are hell bent on destroying this president- President Trump.”

Since taking office, classified information and administration secrets have been pouring into the hands of the Drive By Media, who then hide behind their First Amendment rights to publish and air whatever information that they are given.

Citing “high ranking, unnamed sources,” the Mainstream Media has been able to push their narratives meant to delegitimize the Trump administration.

Hannity began his monologue by taking a trip through history to point to one of America’s greatest presidents, Abraham Lincoln, and explained how the first Republican president, while he did appoint some political opponents to his cabinet, purged the federal government of 78.6% of its employees.

“It’s time, now, for President Trump to follow Abe Lincoln’s example, and fire anyone and everyone who is acting against him in the government.” 

Using the examples of President Clinton and President Bush, Hannity also urged President Trump to move quickly on purging those who oppose him early on in his administration.

He explained that when Bill Clinton fired all 92 US Attorneys at the start of his administration, nobody said a word.

However, when George W. Bush fired only 8 US Attorneys, during his second term, it suddenly became a presidential scandal.

Hannity demonstrated the need for President Trump to purge his administration of Obama appointee holdovers by displaying a list of half a dozen leaks that occurred in just the first month of Trump’s presidency.

Representative Duncan Hunter (R-CA) has identified these holdovers as “seditious people” who do not agree with the Trump administration.

Watch the segment below, and share this if you think Trump needs to purge Obama-era political appointees from his administration.




Source: Fox News

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