[VIDEO] Senator Elizabeth Warren Asks “What Is The Strategy?” After MOAB Strike Against ISIS

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Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) seemed genuinely puzzled as to why the Trump administration chose to drop, what is being referred to as the mother of all bombs (MOAB) on ISIS targets.

The attack was launched against the Islamic State stronghold in the Achin district of the Nangarhar, and the weapon used was the largest non-nuclear bomb that the United States has in its arsenal.

Early reports indicated that the number of ISIS soldiers killed in the attack ranged in the 30’s, but as the days went by, that number rose to the 90’s.

That would be nearly 100 radical Islamic jihadists taken off of the battlefield, permanently, with one attack. Nearly 100 enemy combatants who could launch suicide bombings on innocents, or who could rape, murder, and pillage the settlements with people who do not subscribe to their beliefs.


Perhaps Warren was simply confused because Trump did not publicly announce that the attack was going to be taking place, prior to it happening, refusing to give the enemy the opportunity to prepare defenses or evacuate the area as needed.

Perhaps Warren was confused because the Obama administration holdovers were unable to leak any classified information of the attack to the media, before it happened.

Whatever the reason, one would think that Elizabeth Warren, the woman who claimed to be of Native American decent to benefit from Affirmative Action, would know that the strategy of the Republican president is to eliminate ISIS by killing its members.

We’ll leave you with an older clip of Warren claiming that she knows she’s Native American because her “Aunt Bee” told her that her father has high-cheek bones, and all Native Americans have high cheekbones.


Source: The Blaze

Source: Breitbart