Video Short: Creepy Uncle Joe Can’t Control Himself

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In the era of MeToo it is surprising Joe Biden is not getting more attention for his creepy behavior. More or less he repeatedly touches woman in creepy ways. And its not a thing that has happened once or twice its repeated. You would think one of his advisors would convince him to quit physically touching people without their consent. As seen in the video this is not shaking hands. This goes pass the bounds of normal behavior.

In one clip at 2:34 someone is talking and Joe Biden is standing with his wife in the background. Joe Biden starts rubbing her arms and then seems to sniff her ear? It’s creepy. The speaker then puts out a hand to I presume her wife. It almost looks like he is reassuring her. Of course the mainstream media is quick to defend Joe. The reaction would likely be different if it was Trump instead of Joe Biden.

Also here is some more creepy Joe Biden sniffing people’s hair.

And or course there are the Tara Reade sexual assault allegations

Source: Daily Caller

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