Video Short: Dave Chappelle VS The Outrage Mob

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Dave Chappelle was off the grid for awhile. He seemed to take a break from the entertainment industry after the success of the Chappelle Show.

And when he decided to come back it was somewhat surprising that he went after the outrage mob. A lot of people in the industry will do anything possible to appease the outrage mob. (Although it could be argued that you can never appease the mob).

But then again maybe it makes sense. As, an entertainer, Dave Chappelle has less to lose at this point. He has made his money. And while some entertainers will do anything to stay in the business and fear being blacklisted that doesn’t seem to be the case with Dave. He already semi retired so apparently he has other things in life he values.

His takedown of the outrage mob is pretty hilarious. And its also funny that when he is doing an impression of them some people in the audience mistakenly think he is doing an impression of Trump.

Source: Daily Caller

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