Video Short: Dear Liberals – You Are NOT Under Attack!

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This is a pretty interesting video. Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens are giving a talk at a University.

A liberal from the audience asks why they are attacking liberals. Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk explains they are not attacking liberals. They simply disagree with their ideas. And they come to campuses because it provides one of the few times that conservatives on college can speak freely.

But the liberal questionnaire brings up more questions. College campuses are unabashedly liberal. Liberal ideas are allowed to spread. But frequently conservative speakers are protested and blocked from even speaking. Students with conservative ideas are frequently attacked. This is occurring even to even to kids in middle school

So if one party is attempting to silence ideas it is certainly liberals. It seems the liberal is probably not used to being exposed to conservative ideas. And she is confusing being exposed to different viewpoints as being attacked.

Source: Turning Point
Source: Fox News

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