This Video Takes Down The Gun Control Argument And It Is Going Viral

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Gun Control Video 1

An Illinois firearms instructor has taken apart the argument that guns are responsible for all of the gun violence in America.

According to those seeking stricter gun laws, it is the guns that are responsible for the violence, and the people wielding the weapons are taken out of the equation.

Firearms instructor Michael Brown conducted an experiment to test this theory,

“I’m trying to see if guns actually kill people…” 

In the video, Brown placed an array of firearms in front of him, and gave a brief description of each of them.

Gun Screenshot

He then made a point to demonstrate that each of the weapons was loaded with live rounds, and that each weapon was full loaded.

With the safeties off, Brown laid each of the firearms on the table, facing the same direction, and began his experiment:

For ten seconds, Brown stared at the guns, occasionally glancing at the camera, and then continued to stare at the guns.

None of the weapons went off by themselves, and Brown tried two other approaches to “encourage” the guns to do something.

Without physically manipulating the weapons, Brown tried yelling at the guns to get them to fire and then he tried whispering encouragements to get them to act.

Gun Screenshot 1

Needless to say, the guns do not fire when there is not a person pulling their triggers.

“Guns, in and of themselves, do not kill people. Even if you fully load them up, they just don’t start killing people.”

While this experiment might seem a little silly, it’s important to note that, in the minds of Liberals and Progressives, the guns are more of a villain during mass shootings than the shooters themselves.

One would have to assume that this is the case, especially when those lobbying for stricter gun control laws are focusing on how to place more restrictions on firearms rather than focusing on coming up with ideas that would stop people from turning to mass shootings.

“Stop attacking tools… start focusing on people.” 

We know that mass shooters have motivations for going on the violent and lethal rampages that they do.

For example, we know that Nidal Hasan, Syed Rizwan Farook, Tashfeen Malik, and Omar Mateen opened fire on groups of innocent people because they subscribed to a radicalized form of Islam.

We know that Dylann Roof and Micah Xavier Johnson were motivated by a severe hatred of those who were of another race.

We know that a jury ruled that James Eagan Holmes, though his defense in court was that he was insane, carefully planned and carried out the mass shooting at a screening of the Dark Knight, in 2012.

There is also speculation that some mass shooters do so because they know that they will receive their 15 minutes of fame as the major networks broadcast their story and the major papers publish their face on the front page.

Whatever the motive may be, each mass shooting case is the result of an individual who subscribes to a perverse and deranged view on race, religion, politics, or life in general, and that person acts out on it in the most heinous way imaginable.

Though it’s true that the guns are the instrument of choice in their mass shootings, the guns would not be a threat to anyone if there were not somebody there to wield them, aim them, and fire them.

This would be no different than any other tool or instrument that is used by someone.

A car, for example, can be just as deadly as a gun, if being operated by a deranged individual who is devoted to killing innocent people.

It is the person that makes the decision on how a car is used just as it is the person who decides whether or not a gun is used appropriately.

You can watch Michael Brown’s video below:



Source: The Blaze

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