[VIDEO] Ted Cruz Grills DEA Chief About Drugs At The Border

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Unless we’re talking about illegal immigrants being dropped off in front of their mansions in Washington D.C. or Martha’s Vineyard, it is common knowledge that Democrats are not eager to speak about the security of the Southern Border. That is, unless it is to make the false claim that everything is hunky-dory and that the border has never been more secure.

Since taking office, Joe Biden’s policies have allowed the border to become so porous that international drug and human-trafficking cartels have been making billions each year.  Watch what happens when Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) asks an administrator at the Drug Enforcement Administration,  Anne Milgram, about this growing crisis that is putting the security of the country at risk and takin the lives of at least one hundred thousand Americans per year:

What’s incredible about hearings like these, as Ted Cruz points out, are the witnesses’ abilities to stick to talking points so closely. How much information can really be obtained when you have a DEA administrator acknowledging that border enforcement plays a role in stopping drug and human trafficking, but refusing to say that, by cutting the agents monitoring the border in half, it will have a detrimental effect on the war on drug and human trafficking?

This is a very basic concept that even a third grader could understand. If police fight criminals and keep criminals off the streets? What happens when Democrat-run cities decrease the police force in half? If the IRS is tasked with examining tax returns and auditing private citizens, what happens when Joe Biden hires another 84,000 agents? It’s common sense that increasing or decreasing the size and scope of an agency is going to increase or decrease that agency’s ability to do their job. Why is it so difficult, then, for a DEA administrator to acknowledge this very basic principle?

The answer is most likely very simple. In doing so, in acknowledging that decreasing border control will make the border less secure, it would effectively be acknowledging that Joe Biden and his administration has been responsible for yet another disaster to hit the American people. As the late-Conservative icon, Rush Limbaugh, once said, the Left is engaging in a tactic called “circling the wagons.”

The entirety of Milgram’s responses to Cruz’ questions are essentially meant to give as little information as possible because any information given could potentially be used against the Democrat Party. If she were to acknowledge that America was losing the war on drugs, it looks like Joe Bien is failing. If she were to acknowledge that pulling agents off the border to babysit illegal immigrants who are in the country, it will look like Joe Biden is failing.

The saddest part, as usual with these hearings, is that there will never be any significant accountability for those responsible.

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