[VIDEO] Tim Young Perfectly Dissects CNN’s Chris Cuomo’s Over The Top Liberal Bias

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CNN news host Chris Cuomo got into a heated debate with White House national security aide Sebastian Gorka over the nature of President Donald Trump’s tweets on the “travel ban” issue.

Comedian Tim Young – the host of The Daily Caller News Foundation show “No Things Considered” – was gracious enough to dissect the exchange for the public on his Monday broadcast. Mr. Young did a great job of revealing what liberal media bias from the mainstream press looks like.

Mr. Cuomo began his interview on his show “New Day” by challenging Mr. Gorka on the semantics of the travel ban issue. Cuomo asked, “It is a ban, he likes that it’s a ban, he likes the original ban, and that’s what he wants everybody to know. Why play games?”

“There are no games,” Gorka responded. “The president can call it whatever he likes, because he has the constitutional authority to control whoever comes into this country,” Gorka said.

Young explained to his audience that the way Gorka defends Mr. Trump coincides with how the media would describe the actions of former President Barack Obama. The suggestion that the President has broad executive authority was a significant talking point used by those who defended Mr. Obama’s controversial initiatives throughout his term in office.

President Obama authorized numerous executive orders on gun control, immigration and a host of other divisive issues.

But Cuomo was quick to challenge Mr. Gorka’s when he mentioned the former President, stating, “While I like that you must get away from President Trump and his policies as quickly as possible … the facts are not your friend here.”

Mr. Young asked, “If Chris Cuomo knows the answers to all the questions, why does he bother having anybody on?

“He seems to be able to speak for the Obama administration and Trump administration,” Young concluded.



Source: The Daily Caller





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