Vietnam Vet Targeted For Wearing His MAGA Hat

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When it comes to the state of political free speech in the United States, not all things are equal.

Unfortunately, this is a lesson that this Vietnam Veteran, Kermit Maas, learned after being targeted for wearing his MAGA hat.

In case you have been living under a rock for the last decade or so, MAGA is an acronym for the Trump Campaign slogan “Make America Great Again.”

The sad reality about political discourse in the Untied States is that it is so lopsided. Anyone can wear a t-shirt or hat with Barack Obama’s slogan of “Hope and Change” and would not feel threatened or be intimidated anywhere in the country.

Yet a MAGA hat or shirt, bearing a message that literally indicates a desire to make the country great, is considered offensive by some to the point where they feel the need to make the wearer uncomfortable or even commit acts of violence.

Unfortunately, it does not stop there. On college campuses we have seen places where the promotion of Communist or Socialist ideas is ideal, where the idea of ending the lives of the unborn is preferred, and where the notion is promoted that children who are not mature enough to buy cigarettes should be allowed to decide to mutilate their bodies if they are suffering from gender dysphoria.

Yet those same college campuses would break down in riots and violence if an invited Conservative speaker were to show up and give a talk. Promoting common sense and freedom through arguments based on logic are somehow anathema to the Leftists on campus.

While we wish we could say it ends there, it also continues into the professional world where engaging in “wrong-think” can lead to the loss of one’s livelihood.

Then there is the online conversations where the voice of Conservatism is drowned out or censured by ideological Leftists. Reddit, for example, is filled with a moderation team who have banned people in the past for saying they supported Donald Trump, for calling out child groomers and pedophiles as being bad, and for suggesting that the Democrat Party’s actions are harming the country.

The fringe extremists who run the site are so ideologically driven that they seem to utilize their ability to ban users with no regard to whether or not a user is actually breaking a rule or not. Their appeal program is even funnier considering it is the mod teams who are responsible for whether or not a ban was appropriate.

Then you need to consider the treatment of the two political sides with regards to unrest. Compare the treatment of the Left’s self-identified Marxist organization Black Lives Matter or the Left’s uber-violent and black-clad arm of extremists called Antifa, and that of the unrest that happened at the capital on January 6th.

One side spent years rioting in the streets armed with guns, knives, Molotov cocktails, and an assortment of other weapons as well as body armor. The Left took to the streets with the apparent intention of getting involved in violent situations. Their actions led to the deaths of dozens of people, the claiming of an entire section of a city of their own, billions of dollars in property damage, and all around general unrest. They even burned down the church across the street from the White House.

On the other side, you had what happened on January 6th. A couple hundred thousand unarmed individuals arrived to protest what they believed to be a stolen election. There was a lot of questions about how the election was conducted and the media refused to investigate because they had their guy in office. The result was a few sporadic moments of unrest and a few idiots who trespassed into areas where they should not have been. There was one death related to the January 6th incident and that was an unarmed Trump supporter who was shot by capital police through the glass in a door.

Guess which one was a series of “mostly peaceful” protests, and which one was the greatest threat to the Constitution and Democracy in general. That is correct, the two sides of the pollical aisle are not given equal treatment by the corporate media.

All of this is to say that the United States, while it may be a bastion of freedom to the rest of the world, within its borders is a situation in which Animal Farm would identify as, “All animals are equal… but some animals are more equal than others.”

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