The Washington Times Connects The Dots On The Deep Ties Between The Liberal Press And The Democratic Party

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The Washington Times published a piece that absolutely excoriates the Drive By Media and the Democratic Party by laying out concrete evidence of the collusion between the two.

The op-ed piece was written by Cheryl Chumley and begins with the observation that CNN’s Don Lemon refused to cover the bombshell revelation that Susan Rice, a top official within the Obama administration, was responsible for asking that American citizens be unmasked in intelligence reports.

According to the CNN host, the entire story was merely a distraction from the bigger story that Russia and Donald Trump supposedly colluded to win the White House.

The next observation was when MSNBC’s Racel Maddow aired a “shocking” expose when she obtained Donald Trump’s 2005 tax returns.

Despite the hype, and despite the build up of the program, in the end, the only thing Maddow revealed was Trump’s income and how much he paid in taxes.

As it turned out, Trump’s tax rate, at 25%, was higher than Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders’, and the billionaire businessman turned over $38 million to the federal government that year.

So much for the Left’s claims that Trump does not pay his fair share in taxes.

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From there, the Washington Times op-ed piece chronicles over a dozen instances in which the Drive By Media and the Democratic Party leadership are connected through marriages or through family ties.

One of these connections, for example, was Obama’s national security adviser, Ben Rhodes. Rhodes’ national security experience includes a degree in creative writing, and he once bragged about how he manipulated the media by feeding them false information to gain American support for the Iran nuclear Deal.

As it happens, Rhodes has a brother named David Rhodes, who is the president of CBS News.

The story continues with allegations of anti-Trump narratives being pushed by the media; a 96% donation rate to Democrats from journalists, anchors, reporters, or editors based on federal campaign finance reports; and multiple examples of media collusion revealed from the DNC and John Podesta email leaks.

The entire piece is a phenomenal indictment of the Drive By Media and the Democratic Party, and can be found HERE.

The only question, and this has been asked by Conservative icon Rush Limbaugh multiple times on his show, is whether the Drive By Media an extension of the Democratic Party, or is the Democratic Party an extension of the Drive By Media?


Source: The Washington Times

Source: The Blaze

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