Workers Surprised To Be Laid Off After Skipping Work To Attend “Day Without Immigrants”

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More than twenty immigrant workers were handed a heavy dose of irony after being fired from their jobs for skipping work to attend a “Day Without Immigrants Rally.”

According to the Detroit Free Press, the workers were employed at EZ Industrial Solutions in Chesterfield Township, where they manufactured parts for automobiles.

In response to the permanent disciplinary action that they received for skipping work to attend a day without immigrants rally, the group has filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), alleging that they were fired without cause.

According to the attorney representing the group, Tony Paris of the Sugar Law Center, there was never any fixed schedule for employees, and that, in the past, they could come and go as they pleased, without consequences.

“‘Workers wouldn’t be punished for not calling in, because they don’t have to do that anyway. … The employer never cared. You could not go in for three days’ and then show up and work.”

Paris also maintained that management warned employees who skipped work to attend the day without immigrants march could face a week-long suspension, and that there was never any warning that if they did not show up for work, they would be fired.

Day Without Work

EZ Industrial Solutions, however, is countering the complaint against them by explaining that they were legally within their right to fire the employees.

EZ’s operations manager, Jordan Yoder, emailed a company response to the Detroit Free Press:

“The law is quite clear that employees can’t just not show up to work when they’re expected, and also that they are not free to participate in political, non-work related protests during their work day without consequences.

We therefore deny any wrongdoing and are confident that the charge will be dismissed.”

Whether the NLRB rules in favor of the company or its former employees, the irony still cannot be lost that the employees wanted to skip work to participate in a march to demonstrate what the country would be like without them.


Source: The Daily Caller

Source: The Detroit Free Press

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