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Berkeley Students Block Bridge And Allow POC Students Through And Block White And Asian Students

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Dear University of California, Berkeley protesters,

Dr. Martin Luther King would be extremely ashamed of you.  To think he spent all that time and effort fighting for equality only to have you and your congregation of idiots block off a bridge, allowing only “people of color” to pass.  You wouldn’t even allow elderly white people through.

What part of equality do you not understand?

I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that you behave this way, considering the “education” you receive at Berkeley.  The real world is well aware of the liberal indoctrination services provided by our public universities.  We understand that the usual curriculum of science, mathematics, and literature has been replaced by studies in white privilege, queer theory, and feminism (I know this from experience, regrettably).

I do find it funny and ironic that some of the nutty professors that fill your heads with this liberal mush were part of the white individuals being kept from crossing the bridge.  I wonder if they ever think that maybe they’ve let this “progressive” thing get a little out of control.

To add to the hilarity of your protest, come to find out, it was in response to your “safe space” being relocated to an area you didn’t approve of.  First off, what does the moving of your safe space have to do with violently preventing whites, and Asians by the way, from crossing a bridge?

Secondly, why the hell do you need a safe space to begin with?

The Urban Dictionary gives an excellent definition for your safe space:

“A place where college students can go if they have been subjected to ideas that differ from the progressive narrative.

These safe spaces have pillows, soothing music and an understanding, sympathetic staff.

Presumably, this allows them to recover from the trauma; free from any lasting damage resulting from exposure to ideas that conflict with their leftist professors.”

So, Berkeley protesters, stop being concerned about crap like safe spaces, be kind to everyone, no matter their race, and take some classes that will actually get you a job one day.

Safe Space Meme

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