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Scarborough On Clinton Foundation: This Is Sleazy, 66 Million To Clinton Personally

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You know its gotten bad when Joe Scarborough is criticizing the Clintons.  The next thing you know Chris Matthews and George Clooney will be trashing them too.

Truth be told, it has gotten that bad for the Clintons.  The corruptness of Hillary and Bill Clinton is finally being exposed to the level where liberal Democrats can no longer ignore the facts of their actions.

During an episode of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Joe Scarborough ripped into the Clintons for the new revelations, leaked by Wikileaks, about Bill Clinton, Inc.  In the revealed documents Doug Brand, a former President Clinton aide, was shown to play a vital role in Bill Clinton’s post-presidential money grabbing schemes.

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While Democrats and the Drive By Media have been praising the Clinton Foundation for its work around the world and accusing Republicans of cooking up conspiracy theories when they accuse the Foundation of impropriety; the truth is that the Clintons have gotten wildly rich making speeches and appearances that were supposedly for the Foundation.

Band, whose role was supposed to be as a consultant for the Clinton Foundation, stated in a 2011 memo:

“We have dedicated ourselves to helping the President secure and engage in for-profit activities.”

It really doesn’t get any more corrupt than using non-profit organizations to garner huge profits of your own.  Hillary has been lining her pant-suit pockets while claiming to be helping poverty stricken and AIDS afflicted people around the world.  Its sickening.

And not even Joe Scarborough can deny it.  He said,

“Sixty-six million dollars to him (Bill Clinton) personally and they’re bragging. They’re bragging at the memo that they can shake down the same corporations that they’re taking donation money for.”

Maybe some Democrats are finally starting to see the error of their way.  The Democrat Party of today is a far cry from JFK’s Democrat Party.  The crookedness they represent now is more akin to tyrannical, communist governments than the freedom loving government they’re supposed to be.

(Note: The line in the title comes from Scarborough at the 50 second point in the above video.)

Source : Washington Post

Source : Breitbart

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