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Donald Trump Trolls CNN In A Big Way

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President Donald Trump took to Twitter to continue his feud with CNN, a network he has described to be fake news, and it was nothing short of hilarious.

The president retweeted a meme of a cat, sitting on the CNN logo, chasing a laser pointer. Meanwhile, Trump is holding up the infamous map of the hurricane Dorian prediction map with the added Sharpie marker line to include Alabama.


The map became a controversy known as “Sharpie Gate” that dominated the news cycle for days. The major news networks ridiculed the president for suggesting that Alabama be prepared in case the hurricane heads their way.

The re-Tweet was obviously meant to mock CNN by suggesting that they can easily be distracted by the littlest things that Trump does.

Indeed, over the course of the Trump presidency, there have been several incidences in which “the news” seemed to almost be a joke.

In December of 2017, CNN completely ignored a New York City terrorist bombing attempt to discuss the number of sodas the president was drinking, per day, and the effect these sodas were having on his mental health. This became Soda Gate.


In May of 2017, CNN ran a story about the number of scoops of ice-cream the president gets. They determined that, while guests of the White House get one scoop of ice-cream, President Trump gets to have two. This became Ice-Cream Gate. This is their “bombshell” report:


CNN’s anti-Trump narrative goes all the way back to even before Donald Trump took office. Just days before the billionaire real estate mogul was to assume power, CNN ran a story with the caption:

“Disaster could put Obama cabinet Member in Oval Office.”

The piece was essentially explaining who would need to be “unable to serve” in the Trump administration before someone from the Obama administration could re-take the reigns of power.

Another name for this story could be “CNN’s wishful thinking.”


All this is to say that CNN has been absolutely obsessed with destroying Donald Trump’s presidency. Trump’s re-Tweet of the laser pointer meme is just more evidence that the “news” network has been failing every step of the way.

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