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Trump Is The Third President To Forgo A Salary, Here Are The Other Two And How They Redirected Their Salaries

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Donald Trump took a moment, during an interview with CBS’s 60 Minutes, to reinforce his promise to reject the $400,000 annual presidential salary.

When asked by Lesley Stahl about his previous promise on the campaign trail, Trump replied,

“The answer is no. I think I have to take, by law, one dollar so I’ll take one dollar a year.”

He admitted that he didn’t even know what the salary was, but when he was told it was $400,000, he declined it. He said,

“I’m not taking it.”

Trump also stated he would be taking very few, if any, vacations during his time in office.

“There’s so much work to be done and I want to get it done for the people.

I want to get it done. We’re lowering taxes, we’re taking care of health care.”

Interestingly enough, Mr. Trump is not the first president to reject his salary – he is the third.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons


The first was Herbert Hoover, whose net worth upon entering the presidential office was nearly $4 million dollars. Hoover garnered his wealth through a successful engineering career, the ownership of several Burmese silver mines, and off royalties collected from writing the leading textbook on mining engineering.

Hoover divided most of his presidential salary between various charities. He used the rest to supplement the incomes of his staff.



Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The second was John F. Kennedy. Included in his family’s net worth of nearly $1 billion, Kennedy was the wealthiest man ever sworn into the office of the presidency. During his time in Congress, Kennedy had given his salary to charity, and continued the practice once he reached the White House.

Trump summed up his thoughts on the presidential salary, and also how his campaign has affected his family business by saying,

“Who cares? Who cares? This is big league stuff. This is our country. Our country is going bad.

We’re going to save our country. I don’t care about hotel occupancy. It’s peanuts compared to what we’re doing.”

There is always the possibility that Trump might slightly pivot regarding his stance on the presidential salary – perhaps he might decide to donate it to a worthy cause, such as a veterans’ foundation, as Hoover and Kennedy did.

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