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[WATCH] As A Reminder … A Short Summary Of All The Liberal Talking Heads During The Campaign

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On election night, the Democratic Party, the mainstream media elites, the donors, the special interests, and Hillary Clinton herself, received a screaming wake-up call from the American people:

“Enough is enough; give us back our government and our country!”

Leading up the election there was a constant stream from talk show hosts and liberal newscasters discounting that Trump had reasonable chance of become president. They thought that Trump didn’t fit their liberal ideals and he did not act with what they considered proper decorum. They discounted his business successes even through Trump is a literal billionaire. They showed a constant stream of polls that showed Trump would lose badly in many cases ignoring Trump’s campaign’s assertion that their supporters were undercounted

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Needless to say, these groups were shocked by the selection of Donald Trump as president, a man they viewed, in the beginning, as a joke, a buffoon, and a non-threat.

These groups had spent eighteen months slandering Trump, throwing every accusation in the book at him and his supporters – racist, bigoted, misogynistic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, and the list goes on. Hillary Clinton even went so far as to label millions of Americans who dared to not support her as a “basket of deplorables.”

But the American people saw through the smokescreen of lies and deceit put forth by Clinton, the Drive By Media, and the democratic elites. They saw a candidate who truly wanted to connect with them, and a candidate who shared similar desires for the future of this great country.

Fortunately for us, someone put together a video of all the Leftist talking heads, including President Obama, casually cracking jokes about how Donald Trump will never be elected president.

This video, and more broadly this entire election cycle, has shown us how wildly out of touch Washington D.C. and the mainstream media are with the hearts and minds of the American people.

With Republican control of the House, Senate, and the presidency, the left’s hierarchy on Washington and the media is crumbling, one brick at a time.

Watch for yourself below:

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