(Graphic Footage) Tucker: Our Leaders Dither As Our Cities Burn

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What is happening across the country is disturbing. The violence is disturbing. The suspension of the rule of law is disturbing. But what is perhaps the most disturbing is the attempt by the left to deny what is happening. The repeated statements that the protests are “Peaceful” is becoming stranger to deny in a way but the left keeps putting forward this message.

So the question is why. The answer is somewhat simple. The left has profound control over the mainstream media. So they will censor the coverage to spend more time highlighting peaceful parts of the rally and ignore the violence. And yes you will see the violence on Fox. But another issue is how people consume media. The majority of the left avoids channels like Fox like the plague. So they only get their news from liberal sources and mainstream sources. So they can continue to live with the false idea that the “Protests are Peaceful”.

The below video has violent content. We don’t like what is going on or the footage. But denying and ignoring this is happening is not the answer.

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