This Judge Drops The Hammer On This Entitled Girl That Shows Up In His Court

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An entitled girl learned the hard way why it is probably not a good idea to lip off to a judge who is hearing your case.

Penelope Soto was 18 when she decided to lip off to Miami Circuit Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat.

She was in court for a bond hearing after being charged with possession of prescription pills.

The judge asked the young woman about her personal assets.

 Soto responded by saying that she worked, and made about $200 per week. She also began bragging about the amount of jewelry that she owned.

“I own a lot of jewelry all right.” 

She started laughing when Judge Rodriguez-Chomat asked her how much, exactly, her jewelry was worth.

The judge scolded her, telling her that she was not in a club, and then asked her, once again, how much her jewelry was worth.

“It’s worth a lot of money,” she said, smiling. “Like Rick Ross!”

At this point, the judge asked Soto if she was on some sort of drugs.

“Actually…” she said, “No.” 

The judge was asked by an attending attorney if they would be allowed to represent Soto.

The judge responded by saying that Soto could easily sell her vast amounts of jewelry to hire an attorney for herself.

The judge set the bond, and then told the girl,

“Bye bye.” 

Soto, still giggling, said,


The judge seems to consider the girl’s mocking behavior, and then called her back.

She comes back and the judge explains to her that her bail had just been increased.

Soto exclaimed,

“Are you serious!?” 

Judge Rodriguez-Chomat confirmed his decision, and then played off of the young woman’s statement when he said,


Soto flips the judge the bird and mouths and can be seen saying an obscenity as she makes her way away from the bench.

The judge calls her back, once again, and asks her if she just had just called him an obscenity.

“Yes, sir, I did.” 

The judge charged her with criminal contempt of the court, and sentenced her for 30 days in jail.

The charge was later dropped after Soto later returned before the same judge and apologized.

You can watch the entire exchange below:

Here is a tip to all people appearing before a judge. Don’t act entitled and talk back. You might get a common sense judge which will make you pay for your disrespect.

It’s also a sign of our decaying society that people appear in front of a judge and act like they are on some kind of new reality show.

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