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Netflix Bows To The Cancel Culture And Pulls Episode Of Sketch Comedy Show Over Blackface

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Caution: The following comedy sketch features some crude language and mild violence. Viewer discretion advised! 

Online streaming service, Netflix, is the latest in major corporations to jump on the ‘book-burning’ bandwagon of removing content that offends the Left.

Among the several shows that have found itself in the SJW cross-hairs is a 2015 sketch comedy show called “W/ Bob And David.” The show is a continuation of the 90’s comedy show “Mr. Show With Bob And David,” and features many of the same actors and actresses; though much older.

The series is focused on lampooning a variety of topics and features a number of goofy characters.

One such character, Gilvin Daughtry, was played by David Cross, and was meant to poke fun at people who try to provoke police officers in an effort to get an on-camera reactions about their rights being violated.

In the skit, Daughtry approaches a random sobriety checkpoint in which he is approached by a black officer played by comedian Keegan-Michael Key.

During the exchange, Daughtry periodically speaks to his camera, explaining to his potential viewers the various rights that are guaranteed under the law. The officer is calm through the entire exchange and even mentions that he was going to wave Daughtry through the check-point, but only stopped him because he looked to be weaving and fiddling with his phone.

Daughtry then drives around and goes through the checkpoint again… and then again…  in a seeming effort to get an officer to violate his rights.

In the final portion of the skit, Daughtry drives through the checkpoint in ‘blackface,’ and says, “Hello, brother. How can I be of service to you today?”

A fellow white officer is called over and asks if this is the guy who has been annoying him. He then proceeds to pepper spray Daughtry, and pulls him out of his car to give him a beating.


The entire skit is absurd and an obvious joke.

However, as the Left seems to have lost its sense of humor, the powers that be have deemed the skit to be unfit for viewing.

Blackface is now forbidden in any context; including in jokes.

After all, we can’t be having “wrong-think” in 2020.

You can watch the skit below and decide for yourself if you think it is offensive enough to be pulled from Netflix.


Video Source: YouTube       Source: New York Post 

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