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The People Behind Brexit Now Looking At Splitting California In Two

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The push for the California to separate may have just gotten a little bit of momentum as Nigel Farage and Arron Banks have agreed to lend their expertise to the issue.

Farage and Banks were the two men behind the 2016 Brexit vote that allowed Britain to withdraw from the European Union, and according to the Sunday Times, are willing to assist similar efforts in the Golden State.

 The difference, however, is that while the proposed Calexit referendum is an attempt to get California to succeed from the United States entirely, this new proposal is only seeking to split the state into two smaller states.

“Their goal is to pit the rural east of California, which is more likely to vote Republican, against the ‘liberal coastal elites’ of the west coast including L.A and San Francisco.”



The proposal is an attempt to break up the monopoly of power that Democrats have had by creating a new area that will not be influenced by the Liberal strongholds of Los Angeles and San Francisco.

If such a measure were to pass, the rural farmers of the state would be able to have more of a say in presidential elections as well as state referendums.

As it stands, California is a “winner takes all” state where whoever wins the majority of the popular vote is given all 55 Electoral College votes.

This is the reason why Republican presidential candidates often do not even bother with campaigning in California. California has a large pockets of Liberalism, and as such, campaigning efforts would be better served in other states where the candidate stands a chance of winning.

By splitting the state into two, and with the help of Farage and Banks, Republicans are hoping to give the party an opportunity to win over rural America in the coastal state.

While the efforts to see this happen are actually in the works, the chances of splitting the state into two, as well as the chances of California actually succeeding are slim to none.

The Democratic Party would never stand for the possibility of losing the guaranteed 55 Electoral College votes every four years, and with the help of the accomplices in the Drive By Media, will throw everything they have at anyone who attempts to do so. This includes those pushing for Calexit, despite the fact that it is Liberals doing the pushing.


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