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Steven Crowder Takes On The Systemic Racism Narrative

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Conservative commentator and comedian Steven Crowder took to the streets to have an intellectual debate with every day people from Dallas.

In this “Change My Mind” segment, Crowder confronts the narrative that seems to permeate popular culture, the news, as well as politics; that the United States is a systemically racist country that oppresses people of color.

As the host often points out, these discussions are not about winning or losing, but instead about clearly voicing the merits of each side and seeing if there is any common ground to be had.

Such discussions are needed in today’s times, where politics is more of a team sport where the goal is to win rather than to make the lives of the people living in America better.

Case in point:

The Left calls Donald Trump a racist for saying there were “fine people” on both sides of a protest that was invaded by Antifa and white-supremacists. Their claim is that the “fine people” comment was meant for the white supremacists who showed up, even though he specifically condemned white supremacy and bigotry in that very same speech. Yet Joe Biden is NOT a racist, even though he once said that a black articulate man was a storybook and claimed that “you ain’t black” if you don’t vote Democrat.

The lines are drawn and the Left has made it clear that they will see fault in anything and everything that Donald Trump does while, at the same time, ignore every gaff, act of corruption, and racist remark from Joe Biden.

In such an environment, it’s nice to see people of different ideologies coming together to have a discussion.

Watch the segment below, and see what you think:


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